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Anchor - Record with Friends 2.0 Key Art

Anchor, a podcast creation platform acquired by Spotify, requested updated key art for their “Record with Friends 2.0” campaign. Due to the current state of the world, connection between individuals became more difficult, especially in the sense of creating podcasts in the same room together. The Anchor app helps facilitate features that allow for remote recording ease from anywhere around the world.

Before diving into the design phases, I conducted a research and discovery round to understand the features and context of the platform, digging through current Anchor art, assets, and updated brand guidelines, as well as relevant inspirations, onto a moodboard to inform my design direction.

Anchor’s brand principles revolve around friendliness, helpfulness, and empowerment, so I decided to tie in an illustrative approach for the key art design.

The main idea of the sketches is to give a sense of connection between individuals in different environments. Each individual displays a sense of engagement with another while conducting an accessible feature of the Anchor app:
  • Starting a podcast with a microphone setup
  • Recording from a laptop
  • Communicating through a mobile device

In addition to the illustration, I reworked the wordmark to express more friendliness and collaboration.

After final considerations on the layout, wordmark, and dimensions, I added color and secondary elements to produce the final key artwork, which were expanded for use on their blog and social media outlets.

As a bonus, I also created a visual storyboard and tagline idea for a potential video opportunity.

Client: Spotify, Talk
Designer: Rendell Ascueta

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