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AppDynamics FSO Interactive

AppDynamics is a full-stack application performance management and IT operations analytics company based in San Francisco. They were looking to establish themselves as the de facto solution for full-stack observability (FSO) amongst their competitors by creating a distribution strategy promoting content that defines full-stack observability and why it’s critical for IT businesses.

Column Five presented a vertical-scrolling interactive explaining the AppDynamics’ full-stack observability through a business lens. By using a full screen isometric experience and controlled exploration (driven through user interaction), supplemented with small details, hover effects, and unique transitions, users will navigate through an abstracted “smart” environment that tells a narrative in intentional and freeflowing segments.

The journey begins by explaining how rampant issues have burdened IT oversight due to urgent innovation and technology. This problem is visualized by a multi-layered isometric landscape in which tech processes hamper pathways, causing disruption and affecting IT monitorization.

Using full-stack observability with a business lens, AppDynamics claims their platform enables more visibility across the entire state, allowing better optimization and performance amongst IT teams, which is represented by a more efficient flow of data and processes in the isometric landscape.

Account Director: Travis Keith
Project Manager: Elizabeth Spurbeck
Art Directors: Katie Raney, Camellia Neri
Designers: Rendell Ascueta, Phuong Dinh
Developer: Josh Shook
Animator: Michael Janzen

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