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United Way Orange County Visual Identity

United to End Homelessness campaign is a dynamic cooperation to inform, educate, and mobilize local businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, the business community, and the general public to take joint steps to end homelessness in Orange County, California.

Non-profit Orange County United Way needed a visual identity system to build a strategy promoting permanent housing for the chronically homeless community. We wanted to brand a mission rather than an organization. With this in mind, we sought to create a name and message that was apparent to all audiences (especially millennials), as well as a visual identity, brand guidelines, and microsite to spread information about their lifework.

We needed a strong grasp of the problem, solution, and audience to adequately express the story through a visual identity. We planned in-person brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders to better understand their campaign objectives and align the target audience and message. These discussions aided us in refining our visual exploration to determine the best approach.

For the logo, we wanted something original, dynamic, and indicative of the region so we produced a mark to bring people together around Orange County's homelessness crisis. We explored abstract, tangible, and literal concepts, and ultimately we came up with a design made up of entwined multicolored ribbons, symbolizing the banding of individuals to address the county's epidemic.

To ensure a stalwart mission, we created brand guidelines, providing recommendations on how to properly and effectively utilize components and ultimately raise knowledge and participation to their goals.

Finally, we designed a microsite for all other campaign-related assets, as well as social assets, to raise awareness of the problem. The landing page would be updated in phases throughout the campaign to share further information about the mission, its broader societal impact, and solutions to help and donate, generating 1,200 sign-ups as well as support from an overwhelming number of organizations, government officials, and others.

Account Director: Jason Lankow
Senior Project Manager: Brian Wolford
Art Director: Walter Olivares
Designer: Rendell Ascueta
Senior Editor: Lindsay Hathaway

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